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National Hospital for Paraplegics Research Unit (UDI-HNP)



The Research Unit of the National Hospital for Paraplegics (UDI-HNP), established with the support of four decades of clinical expertise in spinal cord injury and concomitant disorders, has the mission of creating, adapting, transferring, spreading and popularizing scientific knowledge about the physiology and pathologies related to the damaged nervous system, as well as about the latest therapeutic interventions aimed at treating or improving the life quality of patients affected by these pathological conditions.



- Becoming a benchmark for basic, clinical and translational research for the society, the scientific community and the national and international public or private agencies.

- Promoting scientific excellence through cooperation, both within the HNP and with the scientific community, maximizing the impact of our resources in the accomplishment of our mission.

- Contributing to generation of new scientific knowledge and its application to the medical practice, as well as to innovation and training of highly-qualified professionals in the biomedical field.




- Research, technical, training and management excellence.

- Focus on human health.

- Innovation and transfer of scientific results.

- Cooperation between basic research and medical practice.

- Multidisciplinarity.

- Professional credit and development.

- Effective dissemination of science.

- International projection.


UDI-HNP Organizational chart



Our adherence to the COSCE Declaration of transparency in animal experimentation: