Magnetic Resonance of 3 Teslas. Radiology department HNP

Magnetic Resonance of 3 Teslas

Radiology department HNP


Head of Department: Dr. José Florensa Vila


The Radiology Department of the National Hospital of Paraplegics has a 3 Teslas Magnetic Resonance team, mainly dedicated to the care of patients of the Hospital, as well as special techniques in neuroradiology for patients in the SESCAM area and also for human research projects.


We have a Siemens Magnetom Trio Tim (Erlangen) 3 Teslas team that has the following characteristics:

      - Version of main computer and satellite software Leonardo "Syngo MRB19".    

      - Siemens iPAT parallel acquisition techniques with mSENSE and GRAPPA algorithms. Gradient system 45 mT / m. Acquisition ecoplanar for diffusion and perfusion, acquisition, single voxel spectroscopy and chemical shift (CSI, Multivoxel), BOLD.

      - Leo commercial postprocessing station equipped with Syngo platform (2012A) MRB19. With basic software, and advanced 3D image package.

      - Magnetom Trio radiofrequency coils: Tim Coils for Head 12 channels, for 6-channel body, for 24-channel column, in addition to osteoarticular coils. extremities.

      - Active ECG electrodes, Physiological measurements unit (PMU display) and Dräger / FabiusMRI monitoring and anesthesia equipment compatible with the 3T field.








The reservations will be made by email. Due to the coexistence with the healthcare activity, the clinical trial or research project that requests it must have the authorization of the address, the I.P. present the necessary project documentation.





Phone: +34 925396803.
Magnetic Resonance Unit. Department of Radiology
National Hospital of Paraplegics
Finca la Peraleda s/n
45071 Toledo